The Onlined


Website Redesign and Development for BlaidsHearing

Problem Statement

The original website was slow, riddled with bugs, and bloated with unnecessary plugins. This led to a subpar user experience and hindered the site’s performance.


A complete redesign and redevelopment of the website was undertaken using PHPJavaScript, and HTML. The focus was on improving the UI/UX to ensure the site loaded quickly and provided a seamless user experience.

Key Implementations

New Cart and Checkout Experience

A streamlined cart and checkout process was implemented to make online shopping easier for customers.

Improved UX

New checkout experience improved user experience and made checkout process smooth and flowless.

Customer Reviews

Added a new section for customer reviews to build trust and credibility.

Increased User Trust

Newly added review system increased user trust on brand and also help capture tons of new reviews.

Mobile-Friendly Design

The website was optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a smooth browsing experience on all platforms.

Improved Mobile UX

Most of website traffic comes from mobile devices, new design increased mobile user activities.


The redevelopment led to a significant improvement in the website’s performance, with load times reduced to mere seconds. This, coupled with the improved UI/UX, led to a 300% increase in sales. The website is now more user-friendly, efficient, and effective in meeting business goals.