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ITP Crangasi

CRM Development for ITP Crangasi

Problem Statement

The client required a website with a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The key requirement was an automated booking system that could send SMS reminders to customers at various stages of their service lifecycle.


A comprehensive website and CRM were developed from scratch using PHP. The focus was on automating the booking process and enhancing customer communication.

Key Implementations

Automated Booking System

An automated booking system was implemented using PHP cron jobs. Customers can book appointments on a calendar, which only shows booked slots. This has streamlined the booking process and improved customer experience.

SMS Reminders

The system was set up to send SMS reminders to customers 1 day before their booking, and 14 and 7 days before their service expires. This was achieved using Twilio. The reminders have significantly reduced no-shows and ensured timely renewals of services.

Time Efficiency

The automation of the booking process and customer reminders has freed up a significant amount of time for the client, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of their business.

Customer Management

A comprehensive customer management system was implemented. This system keeps track of all customer interactions, bookings, and service expiry dates. It has improved the efficiency of managing customer relationships and has led to improved customer satisfaction.


The newly developed website and CRM effectively serve as a platform for the brand, facilitating efficient booking management, automated customer communication, and improved business operations.