The Onlined


Website Design and Development for Unherd Now

Problem Statement

The client required a blog/news type website with a unique feature: premium content that only paid users could access.


A comprehensive website was designed and developed from scratch using WordPress and WooCommerce. The website was built with a focus on user experience, premium content access, and revenue generation.

Key Implementations

Premium Content

A premium content feature was implemented, allowing only paid users to access certain content. This has resulted in an increase in subscriptions and revenue.

Premium Sliders

Premium sliders were added to enhance the visual appeal of the site and showcase featured content. This has improved user engagement and content visibility.

User-Friendly Checkout

A user-friendly checkout process was implemented for premium content. This has made it easier for users to subscribe and access their purchased content, improving user satisfaction and retention.

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce was integrated into the website to manage the premium content subscriptions. This has provided a robust and secure platform for handling transactions, leading to an increase in user trust and subscription conversions.


The newly designed website effectively serves as a platform for the brand, facilitating user interaction, premium content access, and revenue generation.