The Onlined

WordPress Plugins

Header & Footer Custom Script Master

This plugin enables the addition of custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to the head and footer of your website. It’s easy to use and fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Version : 1

Blogger To WordPress Importer

Blogger to WordPress Importer is a simple and powerful plugin that allows you to transfer all your data from Blogger to WordPress in a matter of minutes. You don’t need any technical skills or coding knowledge to use this plugin. Just paste your blog URL and let the plugin do the rest.
Version : 2.2

Multi-step checkout For Woocommerce

Transform your WooCommerce checkout experience with our Shopify-Like Checkout Plugin. This powerful tool brings the streamlined, user-friendly checkout process of Shopify to your WooCommerce store, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting sales.

Version : 1.3

Free Currency Converter Plugin for WooCommerce

The Currency Converter plugin enhances your WooCommerce store by allowing users to change their preferred currency. It provides real-time exchange rates and seamless integration with your existing setup. Users can easily select their desired currency using a simple shortcode.

Version : 1